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Christmas craft activity – Santa shapes

As the days get shorter and colder, I’m finding it difficult to occupy the boys and keep them stimulated without using the TV too much (although my feelings on that is something for another post!) I have dodgy joints and feel the cold really easily so staying outside all day isn’t really an option and… Continue reading Christmas craft activity – Santa shapes

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Breastfeeding aversion at 13 months

I’ve been exclusively breastfeeding for nearly 14 months now. Archie still won’t take a bottle so all of his liquid intake comes from me. He occasionally takes his brothers fruit shoot or drinks cows milk from a straw but if he doesn’t get any straight away, he gets frustrated and it has to be abandoned.… Continue reading Breastfeeding aversion at 13 months

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9 books you need on your child’s bookcase

Obviously reading (and writing) are really important in our household. English was my favourite subject at school and I love losing myself in the pages of a book. We started buying books for Henry before he was born. I was keen to buy my old favourites and there’s still some on my list I haven’t… Continue reading 9 books you need on your child’s bookcase

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Why we’re boycotting plastic toys

A couple of months ago, I wrote a post about how I’m embracing minimalism. Our house isn’t huge so the things we choose to bring in have to be either something we need or something that’s going to last a long time so we don’t need to replace it. Minimalism has really opened my eyes… Continue reading Why we’re boycotting plastic toys


Weekend camping and Peckover House trip

Last week, Gareth had a whole week off work. We did some amazing things. We visited the National Space Centre in Leicester on Monday, shopping on Tuesday and Thursday and on Friday, we set off for a weekend camping trip. OK, I say camping but it was more like glamping. I don’t really understand traditional… Continue reading Weekend camping and Peckover House trip